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A patient’s experience of osteopathy.

Unsure of how to deal with aches and pains. 

Kasey was unsure what to do, since the birth of her second child she had been in constant low level stiffness, aches and pains (which had been present for a couple of years, but were getting worse), but wasn’t really sure who to go and see or what she needed to do. Then her chemist recommended seeing her local osteopath.

Osteopathy – The First Appointment

During the initial consultation, her osteopath asked Kasey questions about her health concerns, and symptoms, quickly identifying that Kasey had had a tough few years resulting in anxiety just prior to the start of her pain. She had often felt a tightness in the front of her rib cage and diaphragm which she couldn’t shift.

A few months ago, she had given birth to her daughter, a very quick labour with a tough delivery causing pain into her coccyx (flaring up an injury from 20 years before), whilst that had now gone, it had left low back pain at the end of the day, possibly due to bending to pick up her daughter who was now learning to crawl.

Post natal depression had forced her anxieties to resurface, and whilst she was now on medication, the pain in her neck, shoulders and low back were aggravating these further.

Her osteopath examined Kacey and through an assessment of her movements demonstrated how the low back pain had started and how the pain in her neck, shoulders and rib cage and the tightness in her diaphragm were related.
Through treatment her osteopath loosened off the tight tissues using massage, joint movement and mobilisation, helping Kasey to feel the tension through her body releasing.

They talked about how chronic pain was influenced by life events and how it was necessary to train the brain and the body to manage the pain. Her Osteopath offered advice regarding exercises and relaxation, and recommended an exercise class to suit Kacey’s needs.

Kacey left her appointment feeling not only physically looser, but also more able to cope with any aches or pains that reoccurred. She had an action plan to help her address the stresses her body was under, and to help her manage the anxieties that arose from her symptoms.

Is this you?

Does this sound like it could be you? We are all made up of a complex history of events that can display themselves in many ways through our bodies. I often see patients for whom their pain is not the result of an injury, but in fact is a sum of life events, minor injuries, and anxieties or stresses. By beginning to understand what has happened to bring you to my clinic I can help you to identify the way forward in managing the aches and pains that life can cause, through treatment, exercise and changes to environmental factors and life choices.

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