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Back Care Awareness Week 2018

Back Pain in Older Adults.

The charity Back Care has chosen the theme Back Pain in Older Adults to highlight the lack of awareness regarding back pain causes and effects particularly in older adults. Lower back pain is often due to physical and psychosocial changes that are age related, and can result in a health condition which is particularly disabling in older adults.

Existing evidence suggests that prevalence rates of severe and chronic low back pain increase with older age. As compared to working-age adults, older adults are more likely to develop lower back pain like osteoporotic vertebral fractures, tumors, spinal infection, and lumbar spinal stenosis”

 – NCBI (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov)

Osteopathy and Back Pain in Older Adults

4 out of 5 of us will suffer from back pain at some point. It is often due to result of a sprain or a strain of the muscles, ligaments, joints of the back or damage to the discs. For many of us it will be painful and will limit our activities, we will recover and continue with our every day lives.

However for older people osteoarthritis or wear and tear in the back can also be a reason, and can lead to further physical and psychosocial problems as the pain may limit the level of activity and social interaction.

By seeking out help from a medical professional such as an osteopath early on, it is possible to ensure that you can return to your normal active life as soon as possible. Osteopaths are skilled at helping prevent back pain from becoming a chronic, long-term condition.

Osteopathy is all about the clicks and the cracks isn’t it.

Many people know that Osteopaths can use a manipulation (the clicks and cracks) as a technique to help relieve pain, however this is just one tool in our tool box. The most important thing about osteopathy is that every treatment is individual to the patient, the problems they are presenting with along with their current state of health. This means that for some patients the stronger tools such as a manipulation may not be appropriate for them either on that particular day or at all.

Every osteopath will spend time asking lots of questions about your health, as well as your expectations of the consultation and treatment. We will discuss with you the cause of your pain, and how we would like to treat you and how you would like to be treated, and that may mean no clicks or cracks. Our treatment plan is led by you.

As an osteopath I will also give you advice to help ease your every day aches and pains, and where appropriate exercises to get you moving again. Keep an eye on my blog this week for more advice, and tips on easing your back pain.

Don’t delay – get your back pain moving today

Give an osteopath a call today (0208 298 9064) or book online  to see how osteopathy can help you get moving and prevent your pain becoming a chronic problem.