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Back to School Tips to Avoid Homework Stress.

Excess energy after school

Having had a summer of freedom and activity, now it’s back to routine, rules, and restrictions. This can cause problems in the first few weeks back at school. For those children who need to burn energy the requirement to sit still, listen and concentrate is very difficult, and unfortunately there are limited opportunities to move to burn off excess energy. However the key to learning is movement. Allow a child to move, stretch, run and jump and learning becomes less of a chore.

The homework fight

You get the kids home and all they want to do is play and run around. Homework becomes a major fight, it is difficult to get them to concentrate, questions they would normally have no problems solving they struggle with, anger, frustration quickly surface and you are the target. Those few peaceful hours without the children are quickly forgotten.

Tips to beat the homework challenge

Here are some tips to help avoid homework stress, whilst burning off the excess energy.

  • Don’t expect them to talk about their day as soon as you see them.
    • All they want is food and to stretch their legs
    • The normal response is “I can’t remember”
  • Encourage them to be physically active before trying to get them to be mentally active.
    • Walk or scoot home from school.
    • Set up an assault course in the garden
    • On rainy days,
      • play twister or games to act out different shapes, animals etc,
      • have a disco
  • Make sure they have a drink of water or diluted juice
    • Often children don’t drink enough in school as they only have limited opportunities to go to the toilet.
    • That grumpiness may just be dehydration.
  • Once you sit them down to read or do their homework
    • Work out when they are best at doing the activity the need to do
      • Reading may be best at bedtime, whilst for maths it maybe first thing in the morning.
    • Break it down in to manageable chunks.
      • They may only manage 5 minutes of concentration.
    • Set them a challenge.
      • Answer 5 times table questions, then run to the end of the garden and back (or do 5 push ups)
      • Read 5 pages and then lie on your back and tell me what it was about.
    • Use different tools to help them.
      • Lego or pegs to help with maths questions
      • Fidget toys to help with concentration whilst reading.
    • Try various positions to work in, they have probably been sitting all day this will help to relax muscles and activate different ones.
      • Standing for writing or maths,
      • Lying for reading.

If aches and pains are interfering with your child’s learning experiences then give us a call or book an appointment to discuss how we can help. #osteopathyworks