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Andy’s Story of Osteopathy

So what started as an appointment booked with Jackie to find out why I was getting severe neck pain, turned in to over ten years of osteopathic treatments (not every week for 10 years!) as and when I needed it for all the injuries and pains received from either playing hockey (in goal and on pitch) or riding motorbikes, and eventually support before, during and after I took part in the London to B...
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First Aid tips for low back pain

You have back painDo any of these sound familiar? Are you doing the sock dance (struggling to get your clothes on because you can't bend) in the morning? Struggling to get out of the car after a 20 minutes drive? Staggering around like a 90 year old after resting for a few minutes?You have back pain. 49% of UK adults have back pain for at least 24 hours in a year. F...
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