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Self Isolating or Social Distancing & Working from Home

For some working from home has been an option for many years and they have an appropriate work space and a good desk set up. For others this is the first time that they have had to work from home. Hopefully the following tips and advice will minimise the impact on your home life and make work slightly more comfortableWhere to work?If at all possible a separate room that you can use t...
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Telehealth Consultations

In self isolation or socially distancing - and in pain? I can still help!Free 10 minute advice call.I am the end of the phone for advice (you all know how much I like to chat) – book a free 10 minute call anytime. 07474521329.Please be aware I may need to call you back when the kids aren't screaming in my ear, so we can have a private chatThis is an advice call for, I won't be a...
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Coping with sudden pain on my wedding day

I finally was getting married (end of December last year - almost a month ago - wow). I went to bed beginning to feel excited about the next day, 3 months of planning had come together, family had arrived from Australia and we had celebrated Christmas together for the first time in 6 years. More family and friends had tackled the M25, M3 & A303 and were safely ensconced in their beds. Tomorro...
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What education and training do osteopaths do?

I'm looking forward to catching up with colleagues today when I go back to college to learn more about how the original osteopath Andrew Taylor Still practised osteopathy combining historical, philosophical, and clinical information to practice osteopathic manipulation.Patients often ask me about my training. I trained at the British School of Osteopathy - now called University College...
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