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Party season – Stretch out Exercises

Tis the season to be merry and with it comes the Christmas parties. For many it is the only occasion that they are likely to be dragged on to the dance floor by a well meaning colleague, and for others it is an opportunity to show off some serious skills. However often with the party comes alcohol and a freedom of inhibitions. As a result many will wake up wondering what on earth they were doing o...
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Exercises for Christmas Shopping Aches & Pains

Last month I wrote a blog on the Evolution of Christmas Shopping and suggested some tips on how to survive the seasonal splurge. If you do have a long day pounding the pavements or the shopping centres planned, hopefully you will wear some comfortable shoes, but if you spend longer out shopping than you are used to, you may well have achy backs, arms, legs and feet. Whilst it is tempting to sit do...
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First Aid tips for low back pain

You have back painDo any of these sound familiar? Are you doing the sock dance (struggling to get your clothes on because you can't bend) in the morning? Struggling to get out of the car after a 20 minutes drive? Staggering around like a 90 year old after resting for a few minutes?You have back pain. 49% of UK adults have back pain for at least 24 hours in a year. F...
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Spikey Massage Balls – Instruments of torture or an essential part of your first aid kit.

I love SPIKEY MASSAGE BALLS I was introduced to spikey massage balls by my wonderful pilates teacher Ismini Phillips . Initially we mainly used them to help loosen off the bottom of our feet at the start of our pilates classes - agonising bliss to start with, but you soon get used to it, and your feet feel amazing afterwards. Then we started to use them to loosen off tight shoulders, low backs...
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