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Do you know why I love Osteopathy?

bike ridingI have been challenged to reveal something unusual about myself that can help explain my love of osteopathy.

Scouting & CycloCross.

As a keen Venture Scout many years ago, I used to race CycloCross. Not on a purpose-built mountain bike, with specialist safety equipment, but on an old police bike, with a skate board helmet and if I was lucky some knee pads. In those days I hurled myself down muddy woodland tracks, bumping over tree roots, racing to the finish against other scouts with little regard for our safety.

Scouting allowed me to try many different outdoor activities, such as climbing, abseiling, potholing, windsurfing, to name a few. All of which came with different challenges, both mental and physical. I was lucky, and had little more than occasional spills, resulting in a few bumps and bruises.

Medical approach to injuries

I have always loved the thrill of a new challenge and the sense of achievement. However it wasn’t unusual to end up with a bit of damage. Along the way, the minor injuries accrued were always dismissed by the medical profession as unfortunate, even foolhardy, and treated with pain relief and quickly dismissed. It was disheartening to be told to stop what I was doing, especially when those physical activities helped to keep me healthy. I rarely did what I was told, learning to run, and even climb Glastonbury Tor in the snow, whilst my leg was in plaster (treatment for a particular growth disorder in those days).

Osteopathic approach to injuries

Finding osteopathy was a revelation, small aches and pains that occurred years later were considered in the context of my history, and the treatment and advice took into account all that I wanted to be able to do. I have continued to do the things I enjoy, although I have lost a lot of that daredevil love for speed and disregard for my own safety. Today I am more likely to take a less suicidal approach to riding around the local meadows and woods, instead watching the kids take the riskier paths and challenging themselves on their bikes. When necessary I still call on friendly osteopaths to help me out when things go wrong, or when I am in need of an MOT, after all #osteopathyworks.

Osteopaths work to understand what motivates you, and to consider all aspects of your life when assessing, diagnosing, treating and advising you. We understand that you like to take risks, or that you enjoy your hobbies or need to work, and can’t or don’t want to give up. Instead we work to enable you to continue to do what you want to do. YES, occasionally we must advise you to stop, even for a short while, to allow your body to heal, but we will review the challenges you place on your body to see what advice we can offer, in terms of exercises or modifications to how you work or play, to make life more comfortable.

If you or someone you knows needs some advice or help with an injury or aches and pains the give us a call or book an appointment online.