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Don’t let pain rule your life

How often have you had to decline an opportunity to do something you would normally enjoy because you have been in pain or you know the activity would aggravate your pain levels?

For many of our patients it is the missed opportunities and experiences of life which have brought them through our doors. Perhaps you are unable to play with the children in the park, or spend a few hours gardening, or maybe you have turned down an opportunity to go a see a show you have wanted to see for a long time because you know you won’t be able to sit comfortably for the full length of the show.

Possibly the biggest impact we see is if you can’t work. For an actor with knee pain standing on stage can be excruciating, a self-employed builder may be terrified that the next brick they lay may be the last, or a nurse who is worried about turning a patient in bed in case their own “back goes”, their concerns may not only be about the loss of an income but also about the role they are able to fulfil in family or social groups.

Whilst you may choose to see an osteopath for hands on treatment to help you resolve your pain, you will find that they can help you in other ways. By listening to your story an Osteopath can help you identify your key concerns and begin to work with you to determine how you can address these.  The process of discussing your history, diagnosis, treatment and action plans are opportunities to identify challenges and to start to take back control.

Osteopathy aims to put you back in charge by identifying the tools your need to achieve this. It may be that we can recommend a suitable exercise class for you so that you can find it easier to do the exercises we have prescribed. Perhaps as we chat you will suddenly remember when your pain is at it’s worse and we can begin to work out how you can avoid those situations.

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