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Exercises for people working from home

Here a few of my favourite exercises for you whilst you are working from home. These are from Rehab My Patient which I use to give my patients access to videos and advice on how to do the exercises I prescribe.

Stretching your neck

Bend your neck forwards, and then side-bend your neck by taking your left ear towards your left shoulder. Hold on to a chair to make the stretch stronger. This will allow you to feel a stretch at the back and side of your neck. You can make the stretch stronger by assisting with your hand, and can change the direction of the stretch by changing the direction in which your chin points. It is worth playing with the stretch to see which position you feel you need to stretch the most.


Reversing the slump

Sit up straight. Place your hands behind your neck and bring your elbows together. Draw a figure of 8 with your elbows, this will get your mid back moving and reverses the slump position we all drop into when working on our PCs – don’t worry if your back clicks or pops


Mobilising the lower back and pelvis

Sit down with good posture. Draw your belly button inwards (towards the back of the chair slightly) and tilt your pelvis backwards (i.e. flatten your spine against the chair). Return to the start position (arching your back – known as a lumbar Hyperlordosis). This exercise strengthens the deep abdominal muscles and improves core control

Hip mobilisation

Sit upright with good posture, feet flat on the ground, and your knees at 90 degrees. Lift one from the chair, and draw a circle with your knee so that your leg goes in a circular motion, before placing your foot back on the floor. Repeat to the other side. This exercise is a strengthening exercise for the legs, and mobilises the hip joints.


Ankle Alphabet

Sitting bare foot, lift your foot off the floor. Use your toes and ankle to draw letters of the alphabet. Start with “a” and then progress right through the alphabet to “z”. Keep each letter and movement controlled and specific.


What to do if working from home becomes a pain

Feel free to give me a call as I will probably be working from home as well, and I am offering free 10 min telephone advice chats, as well as 30 min Telehealth consultations for a more in depth assessment and advice and more specific exercises to try and keep you all pain free. 07474 521 329