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Exercises to minimise back pain when travelling.

Have you lifted a heavy case, or got off of a sun lounger and felt your “back go” whilst on holiday? We have covered general tips to help minimise pain and on tips and exercises for neck pain when travelling in our blogs.

Here with the help of our colleagues at rehabmypatient.com we have pulled together some exercises that you can do for your shoulders and back, whilst you are sat in a plane, train or car on long journeys to help ensure that stiffness and pain do make you uncomfortable whilst you are travelling.

Don’t forget to book an appointment with your osteopath before you travel to help loosen of any pre existing aches and pains.

Shoulder Rolls Sitting

Sit upright with good posture and with your arms resting by your side. Pull your shoulders back by pulling your shoulder blades together, then raise them up towards your ears and then forward and down in a circular motion. This exercise will improve posture and shoulder mobility.


Figure of Eight Articulation Sitting

Sit upright with good posture, place your hands across your body and hold your shoulders firmly. Now “draw” a figure of eight with your elbows (which will also move your back). This excellent exercise will improve the mobility in your spine, and get you more flexible. Do not be alarmed if you hear a few pops and clicks coming from the spine.


Sitting Rotation

Sit upright on a chair, with your feet flat on the floor. Cross your arms over your shoulders. Twist to one side keeping your head and hips still. Repeat to the opposite side. This exercise is a great mobility exercise for the spine.


Lumbar Mobilisation Sitting

Sitting with good posture, lift the heel of one foot off the ground to lift your hip, then repeat to the other side. This will create a gentle side-bend to your lower back. This is an especially good mobility exercise for people who travel long distances in a car or sit for long periods who may get a stiff lower back.


Lumbar and Thoracic Side Flexion Sitting

Sitting with good upright posture, run your arm down the side of the chair leg by side-bending your spine. Repeat to the other side. This is a good mobility exercise for the upper and lower back while sat down, if you feel your back is starting to get stiff.


Pelvic Tilt Sitting

Sit down with good posture. Draw your belly button inwards (towards the back of the chair slightly) and tilt your pelvis backwards (i.e. flatten your spine against the chair). Return to the start position (arching your back – known as a lumbar Hyperlordosis). This exercise strengthens the deep abdominal muscles and improves core control.