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Do I need a GP referral?

It is not necessary to have a GP referral to see an osteopath. However osteopaths can and do work with GP’s and other healthcare professionals both thorough the NHS and privately.

Most patients however see osteopaths privately without a referral.

Under the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) the recommendations for low back pain include utilising manual therapies such as osteopath for treatment. https://www.nice.org.uk/Guidance/Conditions-and-diseases/Musculoskeletal-conditions/Low-back-pain

Osteopaths are Allied Health Professionals

In addition Osteopaths are recognised as Allied Health Professionals (AHP’s) by NHS England Our holistic approach to healthcare, allows us as AHPs to help manage patients’ care from birth through childhood and  adulthood .  AHP’s focus on maximising the health and wellbeing potential for individuals through prevention and improvement to allow them to live full and active lives, at home, socially and at work.