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How are Ostepaths regulated?

All Osteopaths are registered

All osteopaths have to be registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) which regulates Osteopaths. Look for the I am Registered logo – you cannot call yourself an osteopath unless you are qualified and registered.

We're Registered

To qualify as an osteopath you need to undertake as a minimum a 4 or 5 year degree during which an osteopathic student will undertake at least 1000 supervised clinical hours.

Once qualified an osteopath must complete a minimum of 30 hours of continuing professional development (for examples relevant courses or research)

The GOsC maintain a strict code of professional practice, which if not followed can result in an osteopath being removed from the register. Go to www.osteopathy.org.uk to check an osteopaths registration.

Osteopaths are Allied Health Professionals

In addition Osteopaths are recognised as Allied Health Professionals (AHP’s) by NHS England Our holistic approach to healthcare, allows us as AHPs to help manage patients’ care from birth through childhood and  adulthood .  AHP’s focus on maximising the health and wellbeing potential for individuals through prevention and improvement to allow them to live full and active lives, at home, socially and at work.