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Just Play. Have Fun. Enjoy the Game.

Hockey is fun & enjoyableThe above quote is one from Michael Jordan. Over the years I have played hundreds of games of hockey, most of which I can say I enjoyed, many of which were fun. But there were few I “just played”. There was always a competitive edge.

Robin Gollan Memorial Trophy Fun

This weekend the kids and I wrapped up warm and cycled over to the Burnt Ash Hockey Club to support my partner and his old Wellcome Hockey Club team mates in the Robin Gollan Memorial trophy. Most of the players had played together or against each other over many years, some are still playing, some have gracefully retired. All have one thing in common they LOVE hockey.  The tournament is one which is full of laughter – after of all a bunch of oldies trying to keep up with their offspring is always fun to watch. Playing on grass when most now play on AstroTurf adds an unpredictable element to all matches and evens out most of the players skills. However it was general fitness that separated the men from the boys, with many calls from the supporters of “oh let them have it, they are OLD!!!”

It has to be fun and enjoyable

The important message for all players was this was a fun, enjoyable tournament, and it showed through afterwards as old friends caught up over a beer or 2 and a very welcome BBQ tea.

For my kids it was a great opportunity to see a different side of sport – all too often they will see a very competitive game that loses that fun, this time they were able to join in the banter, and came away keen to get involved more.

For me I was able to catch up with many old team mates and friends, as well as quite a few patients. I even ended up providing advice and treatment in the bar afterwards.

We are all looking forward to next year’s tournament and seeing even more old friends.

In the meantime if you would like to try hockey there are various ways in which you can get into it – check out England Hockey for more info.

If you need some help to address any aches and pains which are holding you back from returning to hockey then give us a call or book an appointment online to see how osteopathy can help. #osteopathyworks to get you back out there enjoying your game.