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Men’s Health Week 12/06 – 18/06


Men’s Health Week – Hazardous Waist

It’s currently Men’s Health Week and this year’s topic focuses on belly fat, or as they call it, ‘hazardous waist’! A waist line above 37 inches is deemed hazardous and may lead to type two diabetes, cardiovascular disease and many other chronic illnesses. These are topics that are constantly in the media, but which often contradict each other. These mixed messages can actually end up being a barrier to change.

Little Diet Changes

Little changes now, can improve our quality of life in older age. For example, missing breakfast in the morning and having a good carb-free lunch may be an effective way to lose weight. Or extending an overnight fast to around lunchtime can have huge benefits. It’s so simple! While are you fasting, eat nothing, drink water and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. This is something I do regularly, it’s tough at first but gets easier as we go on. As with all adjustments and good habits, consistency is key. If at the weekend you enjoy breakfast, carry on. Just start again the next day. Give yourself a month and see what happens.

Enjoyable Activities

Increasing ENJOYABLE activities throughout the week that involve movement will help chip away at those inches. I have put enjoyable in capitals for a reason. For the activity to remain consistent it has to be something we enjoy. For example, going out for a walk at the end of your fast improves the benefits. It’s recommended to walk for 30 mins, however this can be split into 10 min blocks through out the day.

4 Lifestyle Changes

Part of the research I conducted for my Masters degree in Osteopathy looked at what lifestyle changes can be made for maximum effect. This was reducing BMI to below 30, not smoking, exercising for 3.5 hours per week and eating a healthy diet. These 4 simple lifestyle changes were shown to have a strong impact on the prevention of chronic diseases. They could have also included sleep, as developing good sleeping habits can improve mood and prevention of these chronic illnesses.

I think men have the impression that we have to exercise loads, eat nothing but lettuce and that losing weight has to be boring and restrictive. This just isn’t the case, simple changes like those mentioned here are easy to implement and will reduce your body weight over the long-term. Why not try this for Men’s Health Week.

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