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National Gardening Week 30th April – 6th May – Health Benefits of Gardening

For some people gardening is a passion, for others it is a chore that gets put off until it really has to be done. However the satisfaction and sense of well being at the end of a hard day doesn’t just come from looking at a tidy garden, but also from having spent time outside engaging in physical activity. There are many benefits that come from gardening, however the benefits for health are not always considered.

Health Benefits of Gardening.

  • Did you know gardening burns calories? For an hour’s activity
    • Clearing the winter debris – 400kcal
    • Mowing the lawn 250-350kcal
    • Planting flowers 200-400kcal
    • Weeding – 200-400kcal
  • Strengthens your muscles
    • Gardening requires you to use your body in many different ways stretching joints and engaging muscles often underused if you have a job which requires you to sit or stand in the same place all day long.
    • That’s why you can feel achy for a couple days after a big gardening session
  • Lowers your stress hormone levels
    • Leading to better sleep and improved mental health
  • Strengthens your heart
    • Through the physical activity your heart will also get a workout.
    • Helps to lower your blood pressure.
  • Strengthens your immune system
    • Exposure to the bacteria in the soil encourages your immune system develop effective responses to them.
    • Vitamin D exposure helps to manage the immune system response reducing susceptibility to infection, as well as playing a role in the uptake of calcium and the strengthening of bones.

How can osteopathy help you with your spring gardening?

If you are feeling stiff or achy before or after you start working in the garden and stretching exercises aren’t helping book an appointment online today so that we can help loosen you off and give you some individual advice so that you are ready to bring your garden back to life.