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National Gardening Week 30th April – 6th May – Tips To Stay Fit Whilst Gardening

Unseasonal weather over the last few weeks, an early short summer burst, followed by a significant drop in temperature, torrential rain, and a forecasted upturn in the weather over the Bank Holiday weekend, has led to truly British conversations this week in clinic – all about the weather and the speed the weeds are growing. So many of my patients are off to garden centres over the next few days, or are planning to make the most of predicted sunshine. To ensure that they are not likely to be seeking my help next week due to gardening strains or aches and pains, I have been sharing the following tips with them.

Spring Gardening Tips

  • Stretch out before you start
    • the exercises I recommended in my autumn gardening blogs still apply here, just swap leaf clearing for digging or mowing the lawn.
  • Choose the right tools for the job
    • a suitable surface that is the right height for you for potting out those seedlings, or new plants
    • a sturdy stool or step ladder for cutting back those hard to reach plants.
  • Make sure you use the right posture for the task in hand
    • Bend at the knees, not the back.
    • Alternate the way in which you twist and bend when digging
  • Manage your working time
    • Don’t work for hours to to complete all of the tasks in one go.
    • Break your work up into manageable chunks – maybe 1 wheelie bin full at a go.
    • Take a break every 30 minutes.
  • Make the most of any small helpers you have
    • Children love to be outside and helping. Ok, you may have to have some rules, and accept some plants may not survive, but children can get into those hard to reach places and will enjoy pulling out the weeds to make the garden look better.
    • Let them have their own patch to plant or seeds to pot.
  • Stay hydrated
    • You may not feel like you are sweating, but you need to ensure you continue to drink as if you were exercising in a gym.
    • Aim to have a drink every time you take a break, every half hour or so.
  • Beware of the Sun (hopefully)
    • Wear a hat if it is sunny and you are out between 11am-3pm
    •  Use suntan lotion – Vitamin D is great for your health, but sunburn isn’t.
    • Wear suitable clothing, loose fitting and where necessary cover your arms and legs if you are doing battle with brambles etc.

How can osteopathy help you with your spring gardening?

If you are feeling stiff or achy before or after you start working in the garden and stretching exercises aren’t helping book an appointment online today so that we can help loosen you off and give you some individual advice so that you are ready to bring your garden back to life.