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Osteopaths get back pain as well.

I am often asked if I ever suffer from back pain or other complaints, and if so who treats me.

Honestly – YES, I do, and normally because I have done something I often tell my patients to avoid doing. Last week was a case in point. A morning of admin and gardening had gone well, I had thought about what I needed to do and managed my posture and activities to ensure I didn’t stick at any one thing for too long.

But during the afternoon the curse of technology got me. I had to change my plans so I could get the WIFI working, and had sat down to a long teleconference without thinking about the impact of sitting badly for too long. The result – one strained back due to maintaining poor posture for too long.

So having made the mistake I decided I had to follow my own advice, MOVE, ICE, MEDS, MOVE.

Like many working parents, I ferried kids to their activities, making sure I got up and moved about in between time, took some anti-inflammatories, and applied some ice. Then out came my trusted spiky massage ball, followed by a pilates class to loosen off the muscle spasms, at least I could stand up straight before bedtime

Today I struggled through my first clinic session, but it quickly became apparent I wasn’t going to manage a second session, an emergency call to Danny Miller and he was booked into see my patients, plus an additional appointment  for me.

When I need help I can choose to move on and leave it behind me through osteopathic treatment and exercise, thankfully I have a great support group of colleagues who are always willing to help out if  can.  Thank you all.