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Osteopathy isn’t just a manual therapy by Osteopath Danny Miller

Whilst studying osteopathy (and in ongoing study) I have learnt about the body in detail and have developed my interest in chronic pain, nutrition and exercise.

The human body reacts differently to certain types of foods and this can have wide range effects on health and well-being. I am particularly interested in the benefits of intermittent fasting and have been fasting between 18 – 42 hours on a regular basis to test the benefits of fasting, it was difficult at first but results are positive!

I enjoy the problem-solving aspect of osteopathy and how every patient is treated as an individual. As an osteopath, I can learn about the patient, their beliefs and develop an understanding of their current problem. Osteopathy’s individualised approach means that whilst I treat a wide range of patients I can appreciate everyone reacts to pain differently.

The more I learn about pain, the more I realise how complex pain is and the variety treatment options available. During my clinical experience at the British School of Osteopathy I studied a mindfulness approach to chronic pain (OsteoMap), which is based on ‘action and commitment based therapy’. This treatment approach allowed us as practitioners to understand what really mattered to the patient and work together to help patients who were open minded to new ideas to move forward. Mindfulness allowed the patients to learn about their pain and develop techniques in acceptance using mindfulness based breathing and body scans.

In clinical practice, today I enjoy utilising all elements of my training to make a difference to people’s experience of musculoskeletal pain, often combining manual therapy with nutrition and exercise advice through a mindfulness approach.