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Spikey Massage Balls – Instruments of torture or an essential part of your first aid kit.

 Spiky Ball for first aid


I was introduced to spikey massage balls by my wonderful pilates teacher Ismini Phillips . Initially we mainly used them to help loosen off the bottom of our feet at the start of our pilates classes – agonising bliss to start with, but you soon get used to it, and your feet feel amazing afterwards. Then we started to use them to loosen off tight shoulders, low backs, etc. Now they are an essential part of my first aid kit, and I eulogise about them to all my patients.

How do Spikey Massage Balls work?

As you apply pressure from your body onto a spiky massage ball it returns that pressure through the “spikes” into the soft tissues surrounding it, encouraging the muscles to relax and to increasing the ability for blood to flow through them, helping the body to restore itself to health.

Tips on using a Spikey Massage Ball

  • Slow and Steady
    Don’t work too fast, the surrounding tissues need time to respond.
    Start gently and slowly increase the pressure to one which you can tolerate but feels like it is working.
    Work towards the tender spots, and then spend a little longer focusing on them to help the tight muscles release.
  • Don’t tense up
    Focus on relaxing and smooth and steady breathing to ensure you don’t tighten the very muscles you are trying to loosen off.
  • Avoid recent injuries
    Don’t use them on cuts or bruises, or on broken bones. Allow the tissues to heal, instead focus on the tight muscles that are compensating for the injury.
  • It shouldn’t be painful
    It may be uncomfortable, but the intensity of the discomfort should reduce to about 80% of it’s original intensity as the tissues relax.
  • Stretch the muscles
    After releasing them gently stretch the muscles out to encourage them to relax in a lengthened position. Moving the muscles will encourage the increase blood flow, and will promote healing.
  • Don’t jump straight into strenuous exercise after using a treating your muscles.
    Allow the body time to heal itself – 24 hours before you work the muscles to the point of fatigue.

Spikey Massage Ball Exercises

Here are some examples of how you can use a spikey massage ball. For specific exercises for you call us or book an appointment online, so that we can discuss your individual situation & identify the right exercises and advice for you #osteopathyworks.

Spikey Ball Gluteal/Piriformis Massage Chair

Sit down on a chair, and place a spikey ball under your buttock. Pull the same leg towards your opposite shoulder. Hold on to the chair for support. Gently move your buttock up and down over the ball. You will feel the ball massaging deep into your gluteal (buttock) muscles.


Spikey Ball Thoracic Massage

Stand up straight, with good posture, and place a spikey ball under your upper back. Gently move the ball in circles to create a massage to your back and shoulder blades.


Spikey Ball Neck Self-Massage

Hold a spikey ball over your shoulder and neck, and gently massage the area. Work into tight and tender areas using a circular motion with the ball. This will help reduce muscle tension in the neck and shoulder.