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Splashing around the cool way to exercise – by Jackie Gowland

This weather is amazing, and the evenings are longer which makes it so much easier to get out and exercise. A walk in the evening after work can help clear your head and download the stresses of the day.

Cool Exercise

Cool exerciseBut I definitely need to cool off, and what better way to do so than to have a water fight with the kids or to splash around in the paddling pool. We have been so lucky this summer, our paddling pool has been up, the water pistols have been out, we have splashed, and sprayed each other constantly with water to the wondrous sound of constant giggles (and occasional squeals of indignation when one child gets the better of the other), all the time engaging unconsciously in fun physical activities, what a great form of exercise.

We are also incredibly lucky to live near some meadows which have woodland and a shady river running through. The kids love to walk down to the river and paddle around, skimming stones, building damns, and splashing each other (and me). After school it is a great way to burn off some excess energy built up after having spent a day in a baking classroom, sitting still most of the time whilst they are learning.

Benefits of outdoor exercise

Outdoor exercise has so many benefits,

  • It’s free
  • It’s fun
  • Space to exercise how you want – walk, run & jump without the constant limitations of gyms.
  • More calories are burnt exercising outside – uneven ground, such as sand, or the wind add an additional element of resistance
  • The scenery is constantly changing – unlike a gym
  • Kids are nicer outdoors (and so am I)
    • That space between us means that I am able to breathe a little before I have to rein the kids in.
    • Their imaginative play develops without any interference from me.
  • It takes less effort (most of the time – once you are out time flies, an hour passes without much conscious effort, compared to the clock watching in the gym.
  • Your mood improves – outside the fresh air increases your oxygen intake which helps to stimulate the release of serotonin helping you to feel good.

Outside Exercise & Vitamin D

In this weather they will get their much needed doses of vitamin D which is needed to keep our bones, muscles and teeth healthy. If you can get outside every day for a minimum of 10 minutes without sunblock you will be on your way to increasing your vitamin D levels, however you should avoid direct sunlight between 11:00am and 3:00pm, and if you are out then you should wear sunscreen.

Want to get outside to exercise – but aches and pains holding you back?

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