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Susan’s Story – How Osteopathy Helped Her

A busy life caring for othersPushing wheelchair


Susan was working 3 days a week in a dentistry clinic as a receptionist, often sitting at her desk all day long, on her day’s off she would visit her mum a couple of times a week. Her mum was wheelchair bound and slowly deteriorating as a result of her dementia and immobility. Susan would do the housework, take mum shopping and to appointments. In addition Susan was delighted to become a grandmother for the second time and enjoyed spending time each with with her 2 young grandsons, often having them to stay to give their parent’s some time off.

The impact of pain

Unfortunately this all left little time for Susan to focus on herself, and one morning she woke up with in pain in her neck and shoulders. Although she tried to stretch it out, took some pain killers and tried to rest it the pain didn’t go away. Over the next few weeks the pain settled in and although some days were easier than others, it was always there in the background. Her daughter asked her if she could help out with the boys one Saturday and for the first time Susan felt she had to say no, as she was worried that the pain would stop her being able to care for them properly, especially if 3 year old George fell over or ran off.

Time to get help

Susan’s daughter was very concerned when she explained, she hadn’t realised how much pain her mum was in and how long it had been going on for. She suggested that Susan call her osteopath and book an appointment. Susan was wary, she had heard that Osteopaths clicked necks and didn’t fancy the idea of that. However she knew she had to do something. She rang her daughter’s osteopath and asked a few questions. The osteopath explained that after discussing her medical history and a full examination treatment would be tailored to her needs, and if she didn’t feel comfortable with any techniques suggested (such as the clicks) then these wouldn’t be used. Feeling reassured Susan felt much happier and booked an appointment.

Finally in control

After her first treatment Susan had a better understanding of how her life was contributing to her pain (that pesky wheelchair hadn’t been helping) and felt much looser and the pain reduced (along with the headaches she had been getting which she thought were just due to the stress she had been under). Susan had a couple more treatments and was given some exercises to do to help improve the mobility of her neck , shoulders and back, and felt much better as a result. Now Susan visits her osteopath once a month to help her manage the stress her shoulders and back are placed under helping her mum and looking after her grandchildren, and goes to a pilates class once a week so that she can have some time to focus on herself, and ensure that she stays pain free.

Time you sought help ?

Does this sound familiar, are you too busy running around to get those aches and pains sorted, or are apprehensive about what treatment may involve. If you would like to find out how osteopathy can help you Contact us or book an appointment .