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Cycling – advice to help you prepare for your rides

Both Danny and I are supporting long distance cycle rides this weekend, providing osteopathic treatment as the cyclists proceed along their route, to ensure that they can keep those wheels turning.Most of these cyclists are not members of cycling clubs, and don't cycle these sorts of distance regularly, so we have prepared a guide on the sorts of exercises and stretches that they should be doi...
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Osteopath? Chiropractor? Or Physio?

Osteopathy - what differentiates it from Chiropractic or Physiotherapy? I am often asked what the difference is between different manual therapies. I think it is very much a personal preference that is guided by the therapist you see.Osteopathy, Chiropractic and Physiotherapy are all referred to as manual therapies and are considered Primary Health Care Systems. All practitioners are trained ...
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