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Neck Exercises

Exercises for people working from home

Here a few of my favourite exercises for you whilst you are working from home. These are from Rehab My Patient which I use to give my patients access to videos and advice on how to do the exercises I prescribe.Stretching your neckBend your neck forwards, and then side-bend your neck by taking your left ear towards your left shoulder. Hold on to a chair to make the stretch stronger. ...
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Cycling – advice to help you prepare for your rides

Both Danny and I are supporting long distance cycle rides this weekend, providing osteopathic treatment as the cyclists proceed along their route, to ensure that they can keep those wheels turning.Most of these cyclists are not members of cycling clubs, and don't cycle these sorts of distance regularly, so we have prepared a guide on the sorts of exercises and stretches that they should be doi...
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Spikey Massage Balls – Instruments of torture or an essential part of your first aid kit.

I love SPIKEY MASSAGE BALLS I was introduced to spikey massage balls by my wonderful pilates teacher Ismini Phillips . Initially we mainly used them to help loosen off the bottom of our feet at the start of our pilates classes - agonising bliss to start with, but you soon get used to it, and your feet feel amazing afterwards. Then we started to use them to loosen off tight shoulders, low backs...
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Tips and Exercises to ease neck aches and pains when travelling

We have all fallen asleep in an awkward position whilst travelling, be it in a car, train or plane. Here are some tips and exercises to help minimise neck aches and pains when travelling. Tips for Reducing Neck PainCarry your personal stuff in a back pack with a waist strap to minimise the strain on your neck from bag straps. Try to limit the amount of time you spend looking down reading...
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