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Tips for choosing the right party shoes

Party Time Shoes

So you have chosen the right outfit for your work Christmas party, or for Christmas Day, but you still have to find that perfect pair of shoes. If like me it is a rare occurrence that you wear anything other than your comfortable trainers or flats, then the thought of wearing anything more formal can fill you with dread. After all several hours in a pair of uncomfortable shoes can leave you with more than just aching feet. The wrong shoes can often cause leg pain, or back pain, which can really affect your Christmas.

Party Shoes

Foot Comfort, Support and Flexibility

Ill fitting shoes will lead to sores and blisters leading to a change in walking patterns, which in turn can lead to a change in posture and possibly knee, hip or back pain.

Comfortable shoes will allow you to dance all night long & walk home afterwards. They should offer support to the foot particularly around the arch, and flexibility in the soles around the ball of the foot to allow plenty of twisting and jiving.

Foot Hygiene

We all get sweaty feet, but to ensure that feet stay healthy and don’t get fungal infections it is best to choose shoes made from natural products such as leather. This will ensure that feet can breathe properly whilst offering water resistance (always a must at this time of year)

Tips to choosing the right shoes

  • When did you last get your feet measured?
    • Our feet change shape and size as we get older, change weight & for some when they get pregnant.
    • Choose a shop who offers measuring
  • Shoes should have a
    • Firm heel cup which hold the foot straight and doesn’t allow it to lean inwards or outwards
      • If you want strappy heels, make sure you can adjust them to fit your feet & ankles
    • A fastening which holds the foot in the shoe. This stops the foot sliding forward and the toes clawing to hold the shoe on.
    • A flexible sole to allow the shoe to bend as you dance.
    • When the design of the shoe allows it – an arch support to minimise the strain through the inside of the foot.
  • Choose natural materials to minimise smelly, sweaty feet and the possibility of fungal infections.

Avoid being the Cinderella at the party

  • Wear your shoes around the house before the big day to help break them in.
  • Wear a pair of socks when you are breaking your shoes in to encourage them to stretch a little so that they wont rub.
  • If you are chef for the day on Christmas Day, wear comfortable shoes with a low heel, and change just before the meal.
  • Try gel inserts to relieve the pressure on the balls of the feet
  • Carry a spare pair of lightweight party pumps to wear at the end of the night.

Did you know Osteopaths treat aches and pains related to your legs and feet?

If your children are complaining of pain in their feet, legs or back then give us a call or book an appointment to see how we can help them.