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Tips for choosing the right school shoes.



Children can spend over 30 hours a week in their school shoes, so choosing the right ones are important for their foot health and posture. Follow our tips below to ensure the shoes you choose are right for your kids.

the right school shoes

Foot Comfort, Support and Flexibility

Children’s feet need to be measured regularly, they will change up to 2 sizes a year in the first year in school and normally 1 size each year after this. Ill fitting shoes will lead to sores and blisters leading to a change in walking patterns, which in turn can lead to a change in posture and possibly a future of knee, hip or back pain.

Comfortable shoes will allow children’s feet to grow healthily if measured properly. They should offer support to the foot particularly around the arch, and flexibility in the soles around the ball of the foot to allow plenty of running, jumping and clambering around.

Foot Hygiene

We all get sweaty feet, but to ensure that feet stay healthy and don’t get fungal infections it is best to choose shoes made from natural products such as leather. This will ensure that feet can breathe properly whilst offering water resistance (although very few shoes can stand up to children jumping in muddy puddles).

Tips to choosing the right shoes

  • Choose a shop who offers measuring
  • Shoes should have a
    • Firm heel cup which hold the foot straight and doesn’t allow it to lean inwards or outwards
    • Cushioning at the back of heel to minimise the need to “break the shoe in”.
    • A fastening which holds the foot in the shoe. This stops the foot sliding forward and the toes clawing to hold the shoe on.
    • A flexible sole to allow the shoe to bend as the child plays and walks.
    • Arch support particularly for younger children to avoid flat feet.
  • Choose natural materials to minimise smelly, sweaty feet and the possibility of fungal infections.

Shoes to avoid

  • Ballet Pumps – they are too flat and as they don’t offer enough support children clench their toes.
  • High Heels – these force the weight of the child on their toes, causing the arches across the front of the feet to collapse.
  • Slip ons – allow feet to slip forward causing ┬ápressure on the toes.

Did you know Osteopaths treat aches and pains related to your legs and feet?

If your children are complaining of pain in their feet, legs or back then give us a call or book an appointment to see how we can help them.