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Tips on how to survive Christmas shopping.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday – so many of us now do our Christmas shopping online. It seems so much easier to sit on your sofa & scour all the deals on offer to find that top of the list desirable present for your loved ones, however the age of technology should come with a health warning.

Christmas Shopping in the Past

Before Christmas become a commercial event we would head out in to the shops (hopefully in sensible shoes & clothes) to traipse for hours along wind swept high streets to try and find the right presents, and the food for the festive season. We would carry our bags of goodies home, travelling by foot, or bus or if we were lucky by car.

We would burn hundreds of calories walking. lifting and carrying, plenty of physical activity which would contribute to keeping us healthy.

Christmas Shopping in the Present

Today as we sit there (and yes I am just as guilty as you are) staring at our screens, we successfully avoid the chaos of the shops, the unwanted physical interactions with strangers, the terrible shopping centre car park queues, and secretly breathe a sigh of relief that yet again we have survived the hell that is Christmas Shopping……..

Christmas Shopping in the Future

STOP, THINK our bodies are designed to be hunter gatherers, not “sit on our bottomers” – we haven’t yet lost our tail bones, or prehensile big toes (they work like a thumb, we just don’t use them in that way any more) . If we continue to spend all of our time staring at the screen in front of us, and using technology to replace our every day activities (washing machines, robot hoovers, and lawn mowers) we will begin to see a deterioration in our bodies.

SO Christmas this year?

Perhaps we should get out and brave the shops – here are some tips on how to survive your Christmas shopping experience.

Tips for the sofa shopper

  • Avoid Text Neck, DON’T sit on the sofa – use a table or desk and adjust your screen so that it is at eye level.
  • Try standing up to surf – place your laptop or tablet on a kitchen work surface and raise it up with books.
  • Get up and move around every half hour or so.
  • Those hours you saved by not walking around a shopping centre, bank them and use them to get outside and get physically active.

Tips for those who brave the shops

  • Wear comfortable, supportive shoes.
  • Use a rucksack, with a waist strap to carry your goodies
  • Stay hydrated – a bottle of water in your bag is a good idea.
  • Have a plan – of what you are going to buy, and where you are going to look for it.
  • Break your one big trip in to several smaller trips.
  • Try your local high street if you want to avoid the chaos of a shopping centre.
  • Walk into town to avoid the traffic and catch a bus back.

How can osteopathy help with your Christmas Shopping?

If you are in need of a body MOT then book an appointment with your osteopath before you start, or if you have any aches & pains after you know what to do.

Consider giving a gift voucher for an osteopathic treatment to a loved one who is in need of an MOT or ache or pains easing. Contact us at reception@blackfenosteopathy.co.uk to order a gift voucher.

Good luck with which ever approach you decide on, may be mix & match.