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Tips to ensure your office chair is set up correctly

A very generous patient delighted me – they presented me with a proper ergonomic desk chair. Until now I have been using a saddle stool, which helps my posture when I am working with a patient, but  I don’t find it comfortable if I have to sit at my desk for any length of time.

I regularly see patients who are suffering from pain due to their work environment, and will advise them on how best to adjust their workplace to help them reduce the stress of their job on their body. Here are some tips to help you ensure your chair is set up for you.

Is your chair fit for purpose?

It is important to have a chair that is fit for purpose, and for those who will be sitting at a computer for the majority of their working day your chair should have a back which can support the whole of your back (including a lumber support, arm rests, a height adjustable seat, and 5 feet on casters to allow manoeuvrability.

Tips on setting up your chair

Ensuring your chair is set up properly goes a long way to reducing your work related pain.

Desk Chair Posture

  • Seat:
    • You should be sitting with your elbows at desk height.
    • Your feet should be flat on the floor (if necessary use a foot rest)
    • Your hips  are at an angle greater than 90˚ (thighs sloping slightly down) and your lower legs are vertical.
    • If possible your seat should be tilting forward slightly
  • Back rest:
    • The lumbar support should be in the curve of your lower back.
    • If necessary use a separate lumbar roll for support
  • Arm rest:
    • Arm rests should not be so high that they cause your shoulders to push up
    • Arm rests should not stop you from getting as close to the desk as you need to
    • Your elbows should be at 90˚
  • Foot rest:
    • Where necessary a foot rest will raise your legs so that your knees can rest at 90˚
    • Use a foot rest if you feel pressure under your thighs from the front edge of your seat

Office Set Up

To ensure you have correctly set up the rest of your desk – read our blog on setting up your office desk.

Aches & pains related to your work environment

If you have been feeling uncomfortable due to sitting at a desk all day long, then read our blog on exercises you can use to ease your discomfort in the office. In addition either book an appointment or contact us to discuss how we can help you