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Will your survive or enjoy the Christmas break with the kids?

Are you Christmas ready?


The children have been hyped up by Christmas plays, carol services, fairs, and end of term parties, they are highly excited by the celebrations to come, what are your plans? Christmas lunch with the relatives, sleep overs or days at home are so much easier with a few simple preparations. Here are some tips to help survive the excitement

  1. Plan some down time initially

    The kids are exhausted, the winter term is full of exciting activities, fairs, shows, and parties. Allow them some quiet time at home to rediscover their toys and to wind down, and to allow you to prepare for the days to come.

  2. Get outside

    Yes it is cold, wet & miserable, but it will be more so if you are all cooped up inside. Outside time means a tidier house, less intense noise, often fewer rules, and a chance to wear them out. Kids seem to argue and whinge less when they are outside, and parents are more relaxed.

  3. Plan your trips out

    Whilst shopping trips are a necessity at this time of year, planning them can reduce the stress for all of you. Try to minimise the amount of time in shopping centres – they are a cause of sensory overload for even the hardiest of children – the noise, lights, smells and hustle will send even the most experienced of adults home whimpering with a headache and a vow to never do it again. .

  4. Give your kids some responsibility

    They love planning their own activities and having some choice about what they do. Give them a list of things to look for, let them carry their own bags whilst you are out & the bottles of water which are a must.

  5. See friends

    Seeing their friends allows children to touch base and maintain friendships or to regenerate old friendships that offer a wider variety away from school. They also seem to be easier when they have friends to entertain them, rather than you.

  6. Plan time for you

    All parents and carers need time away from their children, it is harder during the holidays. Where possible share childcare with family and friends. Ideally we would recommend you take time to escape the daily chores, and to focus on doing something you enjoy – go to an exercise class, see your friends or partner without children present, having a massage etc.

  7. Prepare your body for the change in demands you will be placing on it.

    A change in routine means a change in how you use your body, sitting more, sleeping in strange beds, carrying heavy bags or young children can all stress the body.

    Book in with your local osteopath before the holidays for a tune up, and if any aches and pains occur then book an appointment as soon as possible so they don’t stop you having fun, bring the kids, they often enjoy watching the treatment. #osteopathyworks

  8. Most of all have fun

    Join in with the kids, don’t be an observer. These are your holidays as much as they are the kids.