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World Mental Health Day 11th Oct 2018

Pain is not wrong

Mental Health & Loneliness

Whilst I have been writing my blog for BackCare Week about back pain in older adults and tips to help, I have also been listening to a Radio 4 programme on loneliness. One of the simple messages was BE KIND. A small act of kindness can make a difference to someone who is lonely – a smile, holding the door open, saying “Hello”. All of these actions remind people that they matter and can help to lift their spirits for just a moment or two, making them feel less alone.  Loneliness is an integral of many mental health conditions, often leading to a decline in health and further withdrawal from society.

Pain and Loneliness

When you are suffering from pain you can feel very alone, pain is such a personal experience based on all your life experiences. No-one can know the pain you are feeling. Chronic pain will often lead to you withdrawing from family, friends and work colleagues as you don’t feel able to participate in activities. This isolation can intensify your pain as you have fewer distractions from it. It becomes a vicious circle – pain leading to isolation and loneliness, leading to an intensification of the pain.

Older People and Pain

The focus for Back Care Week is older people with back pain and helping them find the support they need. Often as an Osteopath I will recommend group activities which can help to build a network of friends who will encourage an increase in physical activity and social interaction.

Most people know that osteopaths can help with the physical aspects of chronic pain, however they can also help with the mental impact. They will spend time listening to your history, and will ask questions about your pain to understand how, when, where and why it has led to you walking through their door. They will then be able to not only treat your body, but will also be able to explain the cause of your pain, and advise on how best to take back control from it.


Smile, offer help or compliments – help someone feel a little less lonely. If you think it would help them, then why not pass on the details of your favourite osteopath today, #osteopathyworks to reduce aches and pains, and may indirectly help to reduce some of that isolation and loneliness

If you think we could help a friend or family member they can call us on 0208 298 9064 or they can book online at www.blackfenosteopathy.co.uk/book-an-appointment/