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World Osteopathy Day 22nd June

World Osteopathy Day

Today is the birthday of Osteopathy. This day in 1874 Andrew Taylor Still flew the banner of Osteopathy. Throughout the years Osteopathy really had its struggles, being recognised as an alternative to medicine took a lot of hard work. These people really had a deep belief that Osteopathy can help a wide range of the population. A.T Still was an amazing, forward-thinker and it was down to his vision that we have the wonderful art of Osteopathy.

Andrew Taylor Still – Father of OsteopathyOsteopaths trust Nature

Andrew Taylor Still was obsessed with anatomy and physiology, so much so, that he resorted to digging up the graves of dead bodies so he could intimately study the fine details of their bones. He said ‘an osteopath reasons from his knowledge of anatomy’ and as a recent student of Osteopathy I can assure you we were taught a very detailed knowledge of the anatomy of the human body. It was like learning another language, however this justifies and guides how we treat the person in front of us.

This passage is from a great book about A.T Still, From the dry bone to the living Man, by John Lewis, p.168, I read this when I need some motivation to study –

‘’But I have told you enough to keep you busy for the rest of your life. Don’t forget how much is before you. Don’t hesitate to trust your own judgement and reason, and remember you are just as apt to make valuable discoveries as anyone else. I could not wish you any better luck than when you start practicing you may come up against hard problems that you have to solve. Go to a small town, live on corn bread and sow-belly if you have to, but sleep with your anatomy under your pillow, and don’t forget you are supposed to have a brain inside your skull’’

Take from that what you will, but with guidance like this how can we not want to grow into a better person.

Happy Birthday Osteopathy – 22 June 1874